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Spring Fling Results


Isaac Gaston and Landon Gaston 70 ( Card Off)
Aaron Lindsey and Hudson Lindsey 70
Max Wilkins and Patrick Turner 71
Dan Chentnik and Matt Kemp 71
Terry Stobaugh and Lance Coffman 71
Troy Hodnett and Mike Parker 72
Denny Vickers and Mike Vickers 72
Dan Huddleston and Wayne Eagle 72
Rick Black and Rick Brashier 73
Mike Coots and Gene Refior 74
Bruce Star and Bob Daniels 74
Pat Olson and John Crouch 74
Ed Zacarias and Jim Jenkins 75
John King and Kevin Coover 75
James Wood and Payton Parker 76
Joe Durham and Dick Day 77
Ken Armstrong and David Trammell 77
Dave Butterfield and Mack Butterfield 77
Trip Wilson and Dick Carney 80

John Sommer and Dale Heinsohn 80
Cody Garlough and David Paine 81
Rick Hawkins and Bob Maneth 81
Bill Crampton and Shannon Beard 81
Wally Koskinen and Larry Kelley 81
Ike Harcourt and Shane Wilhite 81
Cody Downs and Payton Moore 81
John Koehn and Bill Reynolds 82
Corey Dicks and Steven Page 82
George Henson and Robbie Henson 82
Mark Ellison and James Inman 85
Bucky Tilley and Jesse Parnell 85
Travis Ellison and Ron Fout 90
JR Franzen and Carl Calhoon 91
John Kulikowski and Tom Burnett 93


Clare K And Laura Schisler 92
Doris Haggerty and Venus HIlgart 95
Lynn Miller and Glenda Prox 98
Gail Alter and Joyce Uecker 100
Sharon Warsaw and Gail Hillyard 104
Donna Schaffer and Jackie Hoff 105


Cindy Chilson and Paul Chilson 72
Alyssa Robbins and Robbie Robbins 75
Sandra Strong and Matt Strong 80
Kathryn Grace and David Ziggler 86
Jim Maycunich and Linda Maycunich 87
Vanessa Shriver and George Shriver 97
Charlie Hardcastle and Linda Hardcastle 106