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Ladies 6/01

                  Game: 3 Clubs & a Putter

White lacey flowers with pink center in flower bed.

Nine Hole Flights

First Flight
1st Place - Colleen Cerny
2nd Place - Vanessa Shriver

Second Flight
1st Place - Linda Hatcher

Eighteen Hole FlightsThe word GOLF in flowers above 3 smiling ladies.

First Flight
1st Place (Tie) - Melissa Johnson, Chloe Strecker

Second Flight
1st Place - Freeda Allegrati
2nd Place - Kathryn Grace

Third Flight
1st Place - Julie Matlock
2nd Place - JoAnn Baeten

Julie Matlock Hole #7
Linda Maycunich Hole #12
Dar Zipper Hole #16
Colleen Cerny Hole #18

Special Hole #11 - Longest Putt
Doris Haggerty 18'