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Match Results 4/25

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Men's 4/25/2023 - Game: Best Ball

Wilkins, Max Gold tee, Handicap-16 Koskinen, Wally Gold tee, Handicap-21 Shriver, George Gold tee, Handicap-29 Team score-50. 1st Place
Crouch, John Gold tee, Handicap-9, Broderson, Bill Gold tee, Handicap-25, Epley, Jack Gold tee, Handicap-20 Team score-52. 2nd Place
Koplin, Scott Blue tee, Handicap-10, Eagle, Wayne Gold tee, Handicap-24, Conley, Mark Gold tee, Handicap-19, Team score-53. 3rd Place
Loskota, Mike Gold tee, Handicap-15, Hodnett, Troy Gold tee, Handicap-21, Curnutt, Regan Gold tee, handicap-17, Team score-55
Brashier, Rick Gold tee, Handicap-13, Kulikowski, John Gold tee, Handicap-22, Parker, Scot Gold tee, Handicap-18, Team score-56
Robbins, Robbie White tee, Handicap-4, Piorkowski, Rob Gold tee, Handicap-33, Trammell, David Gold tee, Handicap-21, Team score-56
Chilson, Paul Gold tee, Handicap-7, Persico, John Gold tee, Handicap-26, Ellison, Mark Gold tee, Handidcap-20, Team score-56
Coots, Mike Gold tee, Handicap-10, Calhoon, Carl Gold tee, Handicap-24, Kelley, Larry Gold tee, Handicap-20, Team score-56
Hines, Don Gold tee, Handicap-12, Heinkel, Dave Gold tee, Handicap-22, Maupin, Frank Gold tee, Handicap-18, Team score-56
Fraunfelder, Rich Gold tee, Handicap-15, Reynolds, Bill Gold tee, Handicap-22, Berry, Vern Gold tee, Handicap-17, Team score-56
Harris, Keith White tee, Handicap-12, Hartzer, Jim Gold tee, Handicap-22, Koehn, John Gold tee, Handicap-18, Team score-57
Judkins, Johnnie Gold tee, Handicap-11, Cryts, Charlie Gold tee, Handicap-22 Jenkins, Jim Gold tee, Handicap-18, Team score-58
Stahlman, Casey Blue tee, Handicap-10, Starzynski, Bruce Gold tee, Handicap-24, Fouts, Jack Gold tee, Handicap-19, Team score-59
Parker, Mike Gold tee, Handicap-15, Karrer, Dick Gold tee, Handicap-21, Doherty, James Gold tee, Handicap-17, Team score-59
Huddelston, Dan Gold tee, Handicap-9, Heinsohn, Dale Gold tee, Handicap-25, Kahre, Brian Gold tee, Handicap-20, Team score-59
Olson, Pat White tee, Handicap-14, Little, Larry Gold tee, Handicap-22, Wilson, Trip Gold tee, Handicap-18, Team score-60
Black, Rick Gold tee, Handicap-11, Pavlak, Fred Gold tee, Handicap-23, Hamby, Phillip Gold tee, Handicap-19, Team score-65

Prize Holes:

Closest to the pin

Hole #2 Frank Maupin 5' 1"
Hole #6 Robbie Robbins 14' 9"
Hole #11 Scott Koplin 23' 3"
Hole #14 Mike Coots 5' 6"

Longest putt

Hole #17 Johnny Judkins 7' 4"