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March 2022 Newsletter

Winter Bowl Tournament Results

1st Flight Men
1st Place - Mike Parker and Dan Huddleston with a score of 65
2nd Place - Steve Smith and Travis Sullivan with a score of 67

2nd Flight Men
1st Place - Scott Koplin and Regan Curnutt with a score of 73
2nd Place - John Crouch and James Hamby with a score of 73

1st Flight Women
1st Place - Clare Kuratnik and Gail Alter with a score of 85

Twin Lakes Golf Course brought in $83 on the 50/25/25 Raffle
2 winners took in $41 each

Come Join Us

****Spring is Here!****

daffodils spinging up from the ground

Single Membership at Twin Lakes Golf is only $96.67 a month
Or if you join now the pro-rated fee for a year is $916.66

Membership Perks

Being a member of Twin Lakes Golf has its perks:

  • 10% discount on all Pro Shop merchandise
  • Great deals with reciprocating golf courses
  • On site golf cart repair

We did the math for you:

Member - $1100 (yearly dues) + $520 ($10 cart rental for 18 holes x 52 weeks a year) = $1,620 a year playing once a week.
Non-Member - $44.19 (non-member, 1 round 18 holes with cart) x 52 (weeks a year) = $2,293 a year playing once a week
Another way to look at it:
$1,620 (membership w/cart) / 52 = $31 per 18 hole round, if you play once a week for a year
$2,293 (non-member w/cart) / 52 =$44 per 18 hole round, if you play once a week for a year

Facebook Challenge




Every Friday we will be sending out a new Facebook challenge.
This is just a fun way to populate our new Facebook page and to showcase what a friendly, fun place Twin Lakes Golf Course is.

Click here to connect to Twin Lakes Golf Facebook page.