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February 2022 Newsletter

Let the Sunshine In

In the frigid weather of winter, our grounds crew have been working hard to raise the canopy in several places on the golf course. This is to allow more sunshine onto our fairways, which is the first phase to get grass growing in spots that have gone bare. Our Course Superintendent is looking into a couple of different ways to continue the process of encouraging grass to grow in these areas.

Line of trees with branches on ground


New Facebook Page

yellow golf ball with smiling face

We have a new Facebook page.
Stop by for a visit. Like, Follow and Share.
Once we hit 100 followers we'll do a drawing on Facebook for a gift card.

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Changes are happening

Twin Lakes Golf Course "The friendliest place to play golf" has been part of this town and community since 1959.  There have been some changes that have happened over the last year.  With these changes, we intend to improve the quality and playability of Twin Lakes Golf Course.  We cannot do that without our membership.  We are trying to increase our membership to help improve the golf course.  We are implementing new ideas and programs such as: On site golf cart repair, the return of Glow golf, being more active and promoting Twin Lakes golf through social media and advertising.  We have some great ideas and plans to get the membership more involved and increase our numbers.  REMEMBER We are nonprofit..........Increase our membership and that in turn increases the quality and playability of our 90 acres of heaven.  We encourage our members to help attract or find new members and highly encourage any that are not a member to ask us about membership.  Visit Twin Lakes Golf Course and see why it is called the "friendliest place to play golf."