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Favorite Memory

A favorite memory I have at the golf course was shortly after I joined TLG. I often golfed with a
guy named Poncho. Now Poncho had a pre-shot routine that was detailed and ended with a
pose, and this routine was performed at every shot. After playing a couple of holes I was having
a difficult time holding back my laughter. We were on hole #5, white tees, Poncho went
through his routine, took a swing and the ball ended up flying in the trees about 20 yards away.
Poncho must have let go of the club because the club ended up following the ball into the trees.

Ken Armstrong

Favorite Memories

I have a couple of favorite moments at Twin Lakes Golf Course. 
They both include Hole-in-Ones.
I've been able to achieve this on #6 and #14.
It's quite memorable when you only have to hit the ball once to get it in the
hole; no chipping, no putting...

Dan Huddleston