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April 2023

Driver Fitting System

Check Out Our New Srixon Driver Fitting System!
Make an appointment to get fitted and demo these awesome drivers!

Golf equipment in a golf shop


Discount Cards


Green and Red Discount cards for golfing

If you golf only a few times a month you may want to get a Discount Card.
We did the math for you.
See how much you can save using a Discount Card.

Green card (with cart) = $200
5 18-Hole Rounds or 8 9-Hole Rounds

18-Hole Round with cart, not using discount card = $57
     5 x $57 = $285
9-Hole Round with cart, not using discount card = $33
     8 x $33 = $264

Red card (without cart) = $150
10 9-Hole Rounds

9-Hole Round without cart, not using discount card = $20
     10 x $20 = $200

Come Join a League

Do you need an outdoor activity, a little social interaction?
Our leagues are starting up this month.
Come join one just for fun.

For information, hop over to "About the Club" > "Leagues"

You don't have to be a member of the golf course.
But with rates as low as what we offer, why not become a member and enjoy the perks?

$5.00 off Coupon

Be looking for our $5.00 off one round of golf in the Baxter Bulletin.
It will be on Saturday and either Wednesday or Thursday paper.


$5 off coupon for golf