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Cooler Days

2 guys golfing with one chipping onto the green.

My Favorite Memory

My favorite memory at Twin Lakes Golf Course is when I got the nerve to join the ladies league.
We recently moved to Mountain Home and I decided the house was settled enough for me to
get out and see what it would take to join the league. I previously researched online to see
when they met. So, on a Thursday morning I tossed my clubs in the car, just in case, and drove
to the course. It was the last day of play which is always a 3-person scramble. Fortunately, there
was a team needing a 3rd . They asked if I brought my clubs and would I like to join them. I was
so new to the game that I didn't even know which side of the club to hold. I was so glad it was a
scramble and I didn't have to hit my own ball. The gals were very patient and kind. They even
let me join them for the luncheon and shared their winnings with me.
Laura Schisler